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“The Skies Belong to Us” – Part IV

So, I was pretty much right.  Skies ended almost exactly as I though it would. One of the areas of surprise was the American public’s declining interest and concern with airplane hijackings in the years following Roger’s and Cathy’s escape.  Koerner offers some credible reasons for this, but part of me still can’t believe that […]

Tell ’em that is human nature

“If the rioting was a surprise, people weren’t looking”  – Stafford Scott Of all the articles and blog posts I’ve read ever since London exploded, one of the best was Penny Red’s, in which she argues that people riot because they feel powerless; rioting gives them a sense of power, even if just for one […]

Racialytics #3: It’s Always About Racism

On November 10, Maclean’s Magazine published “Too Asian?”, an article describing (some) White students’ decision not to apply to top-tier universities like the University of Toronto, the University of Waterloo, and the University of British Columbia, because they are “so academically focused that some students feel they can no longer compete or have fun.”  According […]

Racialytics #2: Invisible Majority

Racialytics #2:  Invisible Majority This post is being written by a “visible minority”.  (Well, this is true of all the posts on this blog, since it’s mine, but bear with me.)  According to Statistics Canada, “visible minority” …refers to whether a person belongs to a visible minority group as defined by the Employment Equity Act […]