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Adventures in Gardenscaping – Update

So, the thing about doing yard work is that it is never-ending. There is ALWAYS something else that needs to be done: move that plant there, dig a hole here, reposition those rocks over there, dispose of the raccoon/cat/squirrel/god-only-knows-where-that-came-from poop in the middle of the flower bed, etc. At some point, though, you just have to put down […]

Anatomy of a Garden Shed

The first time I laid eyes on the shed in the backyard of our house, I knew it had to go. Nicknamed (by me) “The Garden Shed o’ Doom”, it was a hulking, rotting, stinking, insect- and raccoon-sh*t-infested monstrosity.  These pictures show what happens when your very handy brother-in-law comes over to help you and […]

How to Buy a House in Six Days (Without Even Trying)

Day 1 Go to the two open houses you’d planned to visit that day. You are continuing your mission of “just seeing what’s out there”. On your way to the second house, pass by a sign for another open house, just one street over from where you are headed. Decide with your husband that you […]