In Support of Idle No More

In light of today’s Idle No More Global Day of Action, I thought I’d list publicly my reasons for standing in solidarity with this movement. My hope is that all non-Aboriginal Canadians will see some of themselves reflected in what I’ve written, and be encouraged to support this movement in their own way. So, in […]

The Invisible President

Just Dad says: Can’t understand all the fuss around Clint’s conversation with an empty chair. His performance only proves that author, Ralph Ellison, of “Invisible Man” fame, was right: white people don’t see black people. To whites, blacks are invisible. For all we know, President Obama was in the chair, but the Republicans were not […]

Seven Hours in Toronto

3:00 pm Head downtown to check out the opening day of the Celebrate Yonge festival Catch Turbo Street Funk doin’ their thing at Yonge & Dundas Stop for a bite to eat at Baroli Caffe in the Eaton Centre 4:00 pm Walk up Yonge Street, taking in the festival’s sights & sounds Admire the entries […]

Racialytics #4: The Root of Violence is Violence

I’ve been thinking for days about whether – or how – to write about the Danzig Street shooting. I first thought I was going to write about how all we need to do to prevent such horrific incidents is to expect the best of young black men. Then I discovered that Tianna Dowie-Chin had already […]

Child’s Play

One of my most vivid memories is from when I was a little girl.  I am probably no more than four years old.  I am standing in the playground of my pre-school, looking through the chain-link fence that separates the school from the apartment building next door.  It is a glaring, grey afternoon.  A “big […]

Jack and Rita

When Jack Layton passed away on Monday, August 22, I was in the U.S., visiting my Grandma Rita, who was dying. As such, I didn’t find out about Mr. Layton’s death until later that evening, courtesy of This Magazine and Twitter. To say I was upset would be an understatement.  Since I was already emotionally […]

Tell ’em that is human nature

“If the rioting was a surprise, people weren’t looking”  – Stafford Scott Of all the articles and blog posts I’ve read ever since London exploded, one of the best was Penny Red’s, in which she argues that people riot because they feel powerless; rioting gives them a sense of power, even if just for one […]