Trudeau, Obama, and Trump Walk Into a Bar…

They are immediately greeted by a chorus of: “Oh la la, Justin… votre père aurait été si fier!”1 “Yo, B.O., last call?” “Whoa, Donald… how’d you get in here?  We didn’t know you were coming.” Okay. Not really. However… The recent media coverage of American and Canadian politics has been making me reflect on how political leadership […]

Appropriating Austen

Or, Why I Hate to Love Hate-Reading As you may have noticed, I read.  A lot.  Books have been an integral part of my life for as long as I can remember.  Even before I knew how to read, I pretended that I could, turning the pages of my children’s books with the same level […]

So, about that Austen chick…

Last weekend, I finished reading my first ever Jane Austen novel.  It was all Tricia’s fault. A couple of weeks ago, she had made a passing reference to Sense & Sensibility, and was aghast and appalled when I told her that I had no idea what she was talking about.  She implored me to read […]


One of my favourite Sophie Kinsella novels is The Undomestic Goddess.  It is the story of Samantha Sweeting, an over-achieving, high-powered corporate lawyer who, on the day she will learn whether or not she’ll become the youngest associate ever to make partner at her firm, discovers that she has made a rudimentary mistake that cost […]

“The Skies Belong to Us” – Part IV

So, I was pretty much right.  Skies ended almost exactly as I though it would. One of the areas of surprise was the American public’s declining interest and concern with airplane hijackings in the years following Roger’s and Cathy’s escape.  Koerner offers some credible reasons for this, but part of me still can’t believe that […]

“The Skies Belong to Us” – Part III

In her latest post, Tricia wrote: For all of the zaniness of the different hijacking plots, this is a book that invites us to think of how national crises manifest themselves in a country’s citizens—especially those citizens whose feelings of disenfranchisement chip away at their sense of moral duty. In other words, ceci n’est pas […]

“The Skies Belong to Us” – Part II

So, Tricia began her second post about Skies the same way I’d been planning to start mine:  with a screen shot of my Tweet about my reactions to the story so far.  In a nutshell, I am incredulous, flabbergasted, astonished, and gobsmacked.  My answers to her questions about what caused me to drop a “WTF” […]

“The Skies Belong to Us” – Part I

My good friend Tricia (a.k.a. T on this blog) suggested that we start a book club of sorts.  We will both read the same book at the same time, and then blog about it with each other in mind.  As she wrote in her first post about this, we are a lot alike, and have similar […]