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The Young and the Feckless

Canada is a young-and-old country. We’ve been around since 1867, which makes us older than some countries, but not as old as many.  At the same time, we only really became who we are now in 1982. I was alive then, which makes Canada still quite young. 😉

Because of this history, our model of politics and governance is kind of young too. Essentially, for the previous 100 years or so were governed by the United Kingdom in one way or another.  Getting our own constitution and making our own rules in 1982 was kind of like moving out of our parents’ basement, getting a job, and figuring out how to live on our own for the first time. We’ve done pretty well for ourselves since then, but we still have a lot to learn; especially when it comes to improving our relationship with our landlords, who’ve been taking care of the house we live in for millennia.

There are some Canadians, though, who don’t want to grow up.  They behave like a younger sibling who’s still in high school and is having a bad adolescence: they think that they know everything; that rules are for other people; and the only thing that matters is the here and now. So they make rash decisions that can hurt them and their peers down the road, without any regard for the long-term consequences.

It doesn’t help that your sibling and their friends are the popular kids who “own” their high school. This makes them believe that they’re always right and that anyone who doesn’t agree with them needs to shut up or have the shit beat out of them.

It’s so frustrating trying to talk to them about growing up and what it means to be an responsible adult. They just talk over you really loudly while their friends clap and cheer to drown you out. So do the kids who aren’t popular but really want to be. It’s almost like they think your sibling is a friend who actually cares about them, rather than just a dumb kid who’s hiding their own fears and insecurities with bravado and bullshit.

That’s the thing about adolescence: it’s often hard to see past your own fears, so you surround yourself with other kids who only pat you on the back and tell you that you’re the best, even though they’re just as dumb and scared as you are that high school is all you have and will ever have.

At least they’ll all grow out of it one day. Can you imagine if they didn’t, and, say, went into politics when they became adults, and won an election on the basis of more bravado and bullshit?

And then when they tried to pull some foolishness and got called out for it, instead of learning from their mistake they threw a tantrum and tried to burn the house down? Thank god that would never hap-




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