Kitchen Lime – Getting Down… to Work

A friendly reminder…

Lime (v):

1) Caribbean slang term for chilling or hanging out.  Origin indeterminate.

Kitchen lime (v):

1) Caribbean slang term for chilling or hanging out in the kitchen at the end of a house party.  Usually extends well into the night / the next morning because people have no behaviour and don’t know when to leave your house.

2) What I expect will happen once our kitchen is renovated.


I can hardly believe that almost a month has passed since the kitchen renovation began.  I’d fully expected to be posting weekly updates, keeping track of every detail.

But I forgot that life doesn’t stop simply because one of the most important rooms in your house is being renovated. It feels like it should, though, shouldn’t it?  At the very least, people should get “renovation leave” from work so that they are on hand to deal with any issue(s) that may arise, and free to run around getting paint, light fixtures, furniture, etc.  But I digress…

The contractors we hired have been working steadily since Day 1, sometimes even on weekends.  It’s a small crew, so I am amazed by how quickly – and properly – they have been accomplishing each stage of the renovation, including handling the unforeseen challenges¹ that come with fixing up a nearly 100-year-old house that has had several owners, at least one of whom didn’t know WTF they were doing when they DIY’ed the kitchen ~40 years ago.  (Not that I’m still annoyed, or anything…)

So, here is the “show reel” of what has been happening in our kitchen over the past four weeks (hover over each image to read the captions):

The work is scheduled to be completed this week (!).  Which means the next update will be…

The Big Reveal.

Dun dun dun!



¹ Thankfully, they were quite minor, and didn’t add too much money to our budget, nor too much time to the renovation schedule.

2 comments on “Kitchen Lime – Getting Down… to Work

  1. Still not interfering! MOM

  2. Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

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