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Kitchen Lime – Getting Started

Lime (v):

1) Caribbean slang term for chilling or hanging out.  Origin indeterminate.

Kitchen lime (v):

1) Caribbean slang term for chilling or hanging out in the kitchen at the end of a house party.  Usually extends well into the night / the next morning because people have no behaviour and don’t know when to leave your house.

2) What I expect will happen once our kitchen is renovated.


Yes.  It’s true.  After nearly three years of living with a dated, non-functional kitchen with insufficient storage, minimal counter space, and strange layout, it is finally being renovated.

(Note: JustHusband and I had planned do to it shortly after we bought our house, but then the backyard fence fell over. And the furnace crapped out.  And then the water heater needed replacing.  And then the roof needed re-shingling. And then, and then, and then…)

Anyway, here are the “Before” pictures:

What isn’t visible is the mould around the sink faucet, or the worn/rotting wood at the edges of the cabinet doors, or the fact that the exhaust fan doesn’t work, or that the fridge is against a wall that’s on an angle to accommodate for the tree at the edge of the backyard.¹

Demolition began today and had I been home, I would have gleefully taken a sledgehammer to the cabinets and countertops.²  I do the (vast) majority of the cooking in our house, and while I would never consider myself a master chef – not that I’d ever desire to be one – it has been increasingly frustrating to prepare meals in such an awkward space.

Thankfully, since I was raised on a steady diet of Debbie Travis, Trading Spaces, and Candace Olsen, and then regularly consumed HGTV, the Property Brothers, and Love It or List It as an adult, I have ideas upon ideas for the new kitchen design. In fact, the contractor we’ve hired is using my drawings (just, you know… to scale.  And to code.  🙂 )

I am truly grateful that JustHusband understands that while our money is paying for the renovation, it is going to be my kitchen. Watch this space to see how it all goes!


¹ Not that I mind, too much: I love that old tree. It just makes for an… “interesting” kitchen floor plan.

² The only things I’m really going to miss are the floor tiles:

7. Floor tiles

I’d hoped to preserve them, but all the contractors we spoke to said that they were too cracked and damaged in too many places.

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