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Adventures in Gardenscaping – Update

So, the thing about doing yard work is that it is never-ending. There is ALWAYS something else that needs to be done: move that plant there, dig a hole here, reposition those rocks over there, dispose of the raccoon/cat/squirrel/god-only-knows-where-that-came-from poop in the middle of the flower bed, etc.

At some point, though, you just have to put down your tools and say, “Enough. This is good enough.”  JustHusband and I reached that point a couple of weeks ago.

After creating two more “up-cycled” patios with all the bricks we inherited when we bought our house…

…we decided against levelling out the ground, spreading topsoil, and laying sod ourselves.  (We really didn’t want to cut around all those garden beds, anyway.)  So, even though we hadn’t budgeted for it1, we paid a landscaping company to do the work.  Let me tell you, it was money well spent.

Having glorious green grass after two years of looking out over a cluttered, uneven, dirt- and rock-filled wasteland was so exciting, I had to practically restrain myself from going out and making “grass angels” in the yard.  I even told JustHusband that I was looking forward to mowing the lawn (but only sometimes 😉 ) .

Now, if there was only something we could do to keep the raccoons from pulling up the sodat night, looking for grubs to eat.  * sigh *


1 I figure that since we “saved” money by doing so much of the work ourselves (with the help of friends and family, of course!), the expense was justified.

2 We were told that chicken wire is a great deterrent. The dimensions of our yard means, however, that we’d have to spend upwards of $600 to get proper coverage. For a product that we’d only use once, this was an expense that was most definitely not justified.

For the moment, we’ve been spraying the grass with a mixture of lavender essential oil and water. It seems to be doing the trick. (Mostly. I guess those grubs are just too tasty.)

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