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Sleepy Hollow vs. Sunnydale

In which a short, small-boned female, whose size belies her physical strength, is trying to hide from her troubled past in a small town, where unusual and creepy things tend to happen, has an encounter with a weird British guy with a dark past of his own, who is several generations older, doesn’t get any of her pop culture references, doesn’t understand technology, and continually badgers her to accept her calling, leading her to spend a lot of time with him doing research in a deserted library/office reading ancient tomes on witches, demons and other beasties, in preparation to spend the next seven years of their lives fighting to prevent a prophesied apocalypse(s).

Has the American television industry officially run out of ideas, or was Buffy the Vampire Slayer so incredibly incredible, that all subsequent television shows have no choice but to imitate it?

Bonus question:  If the answer to the first part of the above question is “yes”, will I or will I not continue to watch Sleepy Hollow?


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