The Invisible President

Just Dad says:

Can’t understand all the fuss around Clint’s conversation with an empty chair. His performance only proves that author, Ralph Ellison, of “Invisible Man” fame, was right: white people don’t see black people. To whites, blacks are invisible. For all we know, President Obama was in the chair, but the Republicans were not seeing him! Need I add that by some quantum twist, the camera also had a Republican eye?

My dad’s wicked smart, eh?

He gets it from me. 😉

4 comments on “The Invisible President

  1. I was thinking the exact same thing about that bizarre experience.

  2. Oh wow, your dad is right! I always say… if Barack Obama looked like John McCain, people would be reacting to him a lot differently.

  3. Your dad is brilliant! He does take after you. 😉

  4. What can I say? Your dad’s a very perceptive fellow and always has been!

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