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Seven Hours in Toronto

3:00 pm

4:00 pm

4:30 pm

5:30 pm

  • Take the College streetcar to High Park
  • Exit prematurely at Bathurst because the streetcar is short-turning
  • Wait for the next of two streetcars coming up behind the first

6:15 pm

  • Arrive at High Park
  • Notice the signs for Shakespeare in High Park, and remember that coming here was almost yearly ritual when you and your friends were young.
  • (Feel a brief tinge of sadness because, now that you’re all “grown ups”, you don’t see each other as often as you used to.)
  • Arrive at the newly reopened Jamie Bell Adventure Park
  • Spend five minutes wishing you were a kid again

6:45 pm

  • Leave High Park via the Parkside Dr. exit
  • Walk along High Park Boulevard to Roncesvalles Ave.
  • Marvel at the incredible homes

7:00 pm

  • Walk along Roncesvalles, looking for somewhere to have dinner
  • Realize that you are spoiled for choice, as you pass restaurants offering Thai, Japanese, pub-style, and Eastern European cuisines
  • Choose the pub… just because that’s where you were when you stopped walking

8:15 pm

  • Leave the pub and immediately catch the Dundas streetcar to Dundas West subway station
  • Wait on the subway platform for ten minutes
  • Notice that the subway arrival sign has changed from “2 min” to “N/A”
  • Hear announcement that trains are delayed both ways, at every single station, due to signal problems

8:45 pm

  • Take the Dundas streetcar in a long, circuitous route to get back home

9:45 pm

  • Arrive home cold, exhausted, and cranky


I love my city. I really do. There are so many interesting and amazing things to see and do here, especially in the summer.

But, our transit system is embarrassing (and coming from someone who was raised in suburbia, that’s saying something). Toronto’s residents, workers (especially TTC workers), and visitors deserve better.

With all the quibbling and quabbling at City Hall, I can’t help but wonder if our politicians have forgotten that.

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