Please Allow Me to (re)Introduce Myself

Hello and welcome (back, in some cases) to my blog!

This space used to be known as counterNarratives, where I wrote about whatever political issue that had me all fired up at the time. I’ve changed it because I’ve realized that I need a place where I can write about anything and everything that occupies my brain-space. Which is a lot. I’m one of those people who never. stops. thinking. My thoughts are my own (whose else’s would they be?); hence, the blog title: Just Dominique.

For a more detailed (re)introduction to me and my blog, please visit the About page.

5 comments on “Please Allow Me to (re)Introduce Myself

  1. Welcome back to the blogosphere, Dom! And talk about synchronicity, I woke up to a comment on my long-neglected wordpress blog this morning and logged in to wp for the first time in ages to reply. Maybe time to dust it off and reframe it too. I look forward to reading more of your musing! XXX

  2. Hey, you’re back! Good. Can’t wait to read what springs to your springy mind.

  3. Thank you for a beautiful blog!

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