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Thank you, Stephen Harper

Dear Stephen Harper,

I want to thank you for your actions during the recent labour dispute between the Canada Post Corporation and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.  Despite incredible resistance from the Official Opposition Party and other non-Conservative MPs, you remained true to your convictions and use your majority government to legislate the solution you thought was best.  As MP Olivia Chow tweeted last night:

CEO got 4% salary increase +33% bonus. Inflation rate 3.3%. Workers want 2.75% increase for 2012, CanPost offers 1.9%, Harper imposed 1.5%.

For this, I thank you.

I thank you for showing Canadians your true colours so early in the term.

I thank you for proving, once and for all, that the 60% of us who didn’t vote for you were right not to.

I thank you for showing us that you are, without a doubt, a bully, one who would readily sacrifice the “ordinary, hard-working, tax-paying Canadians” your party claims to care so much about on the altar of corporate gain.

I thank you for helping us to understand that “small government” only applies to those privileged few who not only do as you do… but do as you tell them to, no questions asked.  (Exhibit A:  Tony “ShamWow” Clement)

I thank you for showing us that you have no qualms about treating those who dare to oppose you, in word or deed, with contempt.

I thank you for giving us with a crystal clear reminder of exactly what kind of leader you are:  Harsh.  Cold.  Rigid.  Punitive.  Angry.

I thank you because this means that the best form of resistance for those of us who disagree with you is to be brilliant, creative, surprising, irreverent, delightful, hopeful and even joyful in how we express our dissent.

I’m very excited, and I hope you are, too.

There are beautiful and interesting times ahead.


An Ordinary, Hard-working, Tax-paying, Brilliant, Creative, Surprising, Irreverent, Delightful, Hopeful and even Joyful Canadian

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